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We have been around since November 2003, playin’ across Italy, Europe, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark and Sweden. In the last years, we’ve been 4 times on tour bringing our SPOOKY SOUND in any place and venue (Rock Clubs, Rock Meetings, Tattoo conventions, Open Air Festivals) across Europe.


In 2017 we won the “Livorno Music Awards 2017” as best Live Act.

In the autumn of the same year, we joined the “Hell Nights Tour” along with “The Other” and “ Kitty in a Casket“ for 12 shows across Germany culminating in the “Halloween night party” at the Live Music Hall in Cologne.

In 2018 we have been invited to play at the international festival “Wave Gotik Treffen” in Leipzig (Germany).

Scarlet and the Spooky Spiders live at Taubchentahl, Lepizig (DE), May 2018
by ©Thoughtfulness by Lisa Hemp Photography


After these years on the road, the band focused on writing and recording their latest record “creature” which was released in autumn 2019, called “The Scarecrow” for Cavity Records and distributed on all major digital stores (iTunes, Amazon Music, GooglePlay…) and is also available in a stunning limited edition in Digipack.


SCARLET AND THE SPOOKY SPIDERSwent back on the road between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 with a first series of concerts of “The Hateful Dead Tour” to present the new album “the Scarecrow”, tour interrupted prematurely due to Covid 19 pandemic.

We are currently working and producing new material and working on new videos.



Scarlet_Spider – lead vocal
Lurch – guitar
Evil Teo – guitar 
DeathWish – bass
Emilio “Dave” – drums


DISCOGRAPHY (available on iTunes and all major digital stores)

  • “Pop up Your Eyes and… Thrill!” ©Cavity Records, 2004
  • “Blood on the Tracks” ©Cavity Records, 2008
  •  “Weird Creatures” ©Cavity Records, 2014
  • “The Scarecrow” ©Cavity Records, 2019



  • AA.VV. – “For the Bats” Vol. I – released 21 October 2014 * Produced collectively by all artists involved.
  • AA.VV. – New Dark Age Voll . IV – Strobelight Records
  • AA.VV. – Bats From Europe. Voll. 1 – Thin Man Entertainment
  • AA.VV. – Zoundbies Voll. 1 – Zorch Factory Records
  • AA.VV. – We Will Not Fall Voll. 1 Bandcamp
  • AA.VV. – Toscana Punk Rock Compilation Vol. I
  • AA.VV. – Toscana Punk Rock Compilation Vol. II


Livorno Music Festival 2017 – Best Live Act