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The time has come.
After five years of apparent silence, we are back, resurfacing from a gloomy time warp hole in the continuum of space, and again we shakes the whole foundation of the music scenario with a shining album.
Twelve brand new tracks of new nightmares, visions, dreams and bad trips are ready to drip from your favourite music player.

Be aware of RED EYES’s classic Hammer Horror vibes, take a trip in time and space with THE MAN IN THE BLUE BOX, run away from an alien odd invasion in WALKING BACKWARD or simply take a rest with them and celebrate as a LOSER ON PARADE. Follow THE SCARECROW as he slowly take you by your hand and listen to the untold story of a man… of his love and… of a bloody end.

Today the album is released on major digital stores.
Digipack version will be released soon.

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