Pop Up Your Eyes and … Thrill ! – EP

“The opener Zombie Werewolf shows the flowing energy of the quartet, while the following Alien In My Head could also have been written from the Ramones. And if that’s not a fucking fact IN FAVOR of SCARLET AND THE SPOOKY SPIDERS I’ll eat my hat!
Party Dress is Rock’n’Roll, Glam and Psychobilly at it’s best, incredible, how much fun a track like this can do.
The Lizard und Garbageman also follow this line. All songs are well produced and leave an impressive mark. No wonder that only after two years since SCARLET AND THE SPOOKY SPIDERS were found they got a contract and can diffuse their EP to the rocking and rolling people. Great!”

Reviewed by Nocturnalhall.

Track listPop Up Your Eyes and Thrill


  1. Zombie Werewolf
  2. Alien In My Head!
  3. Party Dress
  4. The Lizard

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